In a Bottle ft. Leafy Affair

“If we see the world the way it is, we’d be surprised and fascinated by the mere existence of a being or a place. The grace with which water flows, the awe-striking mountains tops, the luscious skies… it’s immensely beautiful to witness freedom so casually strewn about in every being; in their simplicity and their desires”

The thirst is always for unattainable beauty!

How would it be if you could carry the beach sand and moss along with you, if you could hold greens close to your heart, if you could build nature in a bottle and wear it on you? Intriguing?


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Back t0 BowTies ft. Forth Goods

Shouldn’t if you’re wise, but if you ask me, I’d say we’re allowed to cheat with Berries, British and BowTies!

An accessory that hit the streets in 70s along with a bevy of other vivacious styles, came to dominate and become a timeless style statement. Yes, BowTies! Gladly, I haven’t collared one soul who does not love bowties.
What’s not to love?
It’s quirky, versatile, androgynous, uber-stylish, one tiny tie fits every neck and gets all the heads in a room turning, yeah?
Given to my blithe lifestyle, I’d be game for a bowtie on any occasion (or not).


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Shooting Babies!


Shooting a baby is extremely strenuous.
Here’s why : they’re hardly ever still.  When must, they don’t smile or laugh, they most certainly do not like looking at a person who has a black-box-like-thing glued to their face all the time. Also, crying their goddamn eyes out is their right (it seems). Funny thing is, the photographer gets to witness bat-shit crazy things adults do to get the child’s attention.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Break the ice! (it’s as crucial as is with your crush). Continue reading

Tricks to beat Summer heat

If you’re a Bangalorean, or living here at the moment, you’re damn right to be frustrated in this maddening summer. Hell summers weren’t crazy like this before (I’m talking 3 years back)! Sweaty bodies, no layering, no jewelry, NO BLACKS (what did you say to me?), make-up blots, dealing with odour, multiplied dry & oily skin troubles, oh-too-many issues.
We had a cool city then global warming decided to take us for a spin!

What do we do? Sure ACs solves the problem at home, offices and in cars. But when you’re on the road? And man it’s expensive if you’re not living with your parents (unless you make crazy money, then hey, I’m your best friend). Plus ACs are damaging to your skin and health in generic. We resort to immediate and small fixes and tricks to kill summer heat.

Here are a few that I can devise:

1. Set your ice cube trays with aloe vera extracts. Then gently use it on your face, neck, underarms, whole body if you have the time to cool down and restore moisture, heal burned areas and help avoid wrinkles, dryness or oily blots. Continue reading